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BooknRide — A Readymade Uber Clone script to kickstart your Taxi booking business

Insights into Uber Clone App

Uber made it possible to scrape the idea of availing a taxi for getting around the city, back in 2009. Today, this taxi booking app facilitates over 15 million rides every day, without even owning a single cab. Uber clone app charges its riders based on the time and distance of their route as well as current demand for rides in that particular area. This is billed directly to the user’s credit card.

Uber clone script also charges differently based on the type of car chosen by the rider. Various categories of cars are Economy, Premium, Extra seats, and more. To define this taxi booking business in simpler words, Uber clone script is a smartphone app which provides its users an on-demand taxi booking service. Taxi drivers use their personal cars to avail the service to corresponding riders while Uber clone gets 20% of the fare made by the driver.

Uber like App (1)
Uber Clone

Taxi booking script

This taxi booking script follows a simple set of steps for availing a cab. The registered users have to ask for a taxi using the on demand taxi booking app. Uber clone driver then dispatches to the rider’s location in an already mentioned span of time. Credit cards are the sole mode of payment for the rider availing a taxi through Uber clone app.

According to the results, Uber clone was able to drive as much as $37 billion in the year 2017. Uber clone script also generates its revenue through surge pricing. During the days with bad weather, rush hour, or holidays, an extra amount per mile is charged. This is proved to be the most profitable revenue streams for the taxi booking business.

Uber for X script

The global market for on demand services has been rapidly increasing since last decade. Uber for X came into the picture after the success story of Uber clone app. Uber being the biggest hit in the market aided in driving more budding startups like Uber. X in Uber for X script represents all the on demand services like courier, beautician, laundry, food delivery, taxi, grocery, and many more. The idea behind building Uber for x script was to provide specific service to its consumers according to their need while providing immediate work to service professionals.

Uber for X and such taxi booking business proved to be a boon for budding entrepreneurs and business startups. Web development companies around the globe started providing readymade clone scripts for owning such a taxi booking business. One such web development company, NCrypted Website provides with the most prominent Uber clone script solutions for your business startup. Due to the popularity and success of on demand taxi booking app, we have designed a customized app for starting a business like Uber clone — BooknRide.

What is BooknRide?

With the business teeming towards taxi booking business, BooknRide lets you begin your own taxi booking business, introduced and designed by a web development company, NCrypted Websites. BooknRide being a Taxi booking app consists of three modules – User app, Partner app, and Admin.

The user app enables the person to book taxis according to the prerequisites like destination, time, type of car, and many more. The partner app concentrates on driver’s prerequisites by providing him with rider’s location details, time of pick up, navigation details, etc. Admin app focuses on providing a smooth interface to both riders and drivers by automating the dispatch operations.

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Uber is a well-known and successful transportation service provider and has proved to be the most preferable and reliable service to the commuters. Building a Taxi booking software like Uber clone provides you with the similar features available in the Uber app. To your interest, you can assemble and connect with this Clone scripts provider company, NCrypted Website to develop a supreme Taxi booking app. You can also have a look at our readymade clone script BooknRide to make your dream app into reality. Contact us today for more details.


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