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Here’s why Handyman app like Uber is a legitimate solution for your Business startup

The concept of on-demand services business is booming exponentially nowadays like never before. Once being a taxi app has now turned into a global movement for catering to the diversity of services which needed addressing. Uber for X has made it possible for people to drive their own business by offering a platform for various services that people might require.

One such service is Handyman app like Uber. This on-demand Handyman app allows people to avail on-demand services like booking a carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc from their smartphones. When a user books a Handyman, a service provider according to your requirements will be made available for helping you with the work. Service rates and other Handyman details are provided to the user beforehand to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

Let us walk through some important features any such on-demand app should possess for better user experience.

Crucial features to count while building an On demand app like Handyman

  • Locating a Handyman Nearby

This is a major feature of Handyman on-demand app. It’s quite important for the user to connect with the nearest Handyman professionals as no one would travel a longer distance for services like a plumber, electrician, carpenter, mechanic, cleaner, etc. this would help in creating a private network of individuals that would work on the basis of high trust. This feature provides the Handyman professional with all the details along with service charge, estimation and cancellation beforehand.

handyman app like uber
Handyman on demand app
  • Transparency during Payments

Complete transparency with your users is a direct key to success. No user would be happy to know about the hidden charges for the provided services. They should be provided with all the minute details such as service charge, cancellation, and estimation to simplify and make the hiring process easier for the users.

  • Enables live tracking

The next feature to take into consideration for a Handyman app like Uber is allowing the users to track Handyman service provider and check his real-time location in Google maps. This enables the users to estimate the time that would be consumed by the on-demand Handyman. The most common, but the most essential feature is used to get detailed reports about the service providers in case of any misconception or confusion.

  • Scheduling appointments

Options such as book now, book later, or schedule can help a user to book the on-demand Handyman according to his requirements. Customer convenience is the bottom line; therefore, it is the shortest path towards increasing customer loyalty and retention. Creating such an on-demand app that helps in optimizing the time of the users would make the app stand out and above the noise.

  • Suitable modes of payment

To create a Handyman on-demand app, you need to provide your users with multiple payment options for better efficiency of your product. Providing different seamless payment methods helps users to pay for the services according to their convenience. Several payment gateways are used for making cashless transactions which prove to the most secure payment options. Payment via debit or credit cards should also be included for users’ convenience.

People are now getting more dependent on smartphones for fulfilling their requirements. It’s quite evident that the future of business would solely revolve around Mobile app development. The mobility which smartphones provide its user to access anything they want has revolutionized and made much simpler to start a business or even make transactions from any part of the globe. Mobile app development is a technique to get hold of a huge audience within a small device.

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The global results of Handyman on-demand app are absolutely befuddling. One could essentially provide a common platform to users and service providers by owning such Handyman app like Uber business. People can easily handpick the exact nature of various services. Users can contact only those service providers who are equipped with all the prerequisite details as provided by the user himself.

For owning an on-demand app like Handyman app, all you need is a good team of technicians to create your app according to your customizations. Hiring people is no difficult task these days but getting a trusted team of developers is the biggest concern. NCrypted Websites provide Clone scripts for every business startup with a well-trained team of trusted employees who would aid you in making your dream a reality. You can easily get hold of readymade apps for your startup business. For further details contact us today!


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